Meet Angelica, the natural looking doll

Meet Angelica

”Sophia wanted long straight hair and she even started expressing a strong dislike for her facial features and skin tone.” Don’t tell me representation, dolls, toys don’t matter to children. Think internalized racism and self hatred happen by accident? It’s rampant among the black community and black girls are especially targeted – Angela Sweeting

So have any of you ever wondered why all the dolls are very petite, with tiny little waist and long straight hair? Well I did! From a very young age my parents told me that I don’t have to, or more like I shouldn’t, look like those dolls, and I never did, and honestly I never will. There I said it I will never look like a Barbie doll. But my parents weren’t the only ones who were concerned with the message the modern dolls are sending to the young girls.

Angelic a Sweeting, a mother of two gorgeous little girl, felt  quite sad when one of her daughters felt insecure with her little curls and darker skin, only because there was no dolls looking like her. At first Angelica didn’t know what to do, she was thinking about burning all of her daughters‘ dolls, but that wouldn’t solve the problem globally. So she decided to take the matter in her own hands, and creates her own doll, one that would look like her beautiful daughters. Meet Angelica, the natural looking doll. She has a natural looking nose; fuller lips; regularly defined cheek bones and brown eyes that will make you fall in love with her at first site. Not only is the hair naturally looking, but you can treat it just the same way you would treat your hair. You can wash it, dry it, twist it, put it up, put it down or knot it anyway you might like to.

The Angelica is still in running process on Kickstarter, so if you ever felt like the dolls at the shelves in toy stores were never quite like you, go support this project. We can change the future, not making girl believe they have to be thin, tall, and white, with long blonde hair to be beautiful. Beauty comes in so many forms and shapes, it is sad to see young girl torturing themselves for not looking like a doll, let’s make the dolls look like all those beautiful girls out there.

Angelica, the doll Angelica Sweeting Angelica Sweeting

Pictures were downloaded from the Kickstarter page.



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