Music is what feelings sound like


We are all well accustomed to music. You hear it every day. Most of us listen to music when going to work or school, when doing homework, when going for a run. But even if you don’t deliberately choose to listen to music, you still hear it. Every store that is out there blasts music on full volume. There you can’t escape music. Some see music as “stupid“ distraction, something annoying, but then there are those who feel like music is some kind of magic, something that makes the everyday life a bit more bearable.

In one of my favorite movies, Begin Again, a character says “That’s what I love about music. Even the most banal scenes are suddenly invested with so much meaning.“ And I just feel that this little observation has so much meaning to it. In the movie a couple is sitting at stairs in the middle of New York watching a bunch of guys skateboarding, a group of Buddhist monks talking, and some random people walking, all those are pretty pointless Picture, but hen music is playing they are little pieces of a puzzle that create the whole atmosphere of the city. All those little scenes, with music, become beautiful moments.  And all of a sudden you feel like music matters, we wouldn’t be the same without it. It might seem like people listen to music only to pass some time and avoid conversations or awkward silence, but I feel like music allows you to slow down and appreciate moments you would otherwise pass without even taking a second to consider it.

Music also allows us to deal with emotions that we otherwise couldn’t even grasp. How many of you felt like every break up song is about your situation when you recently broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Suddenly all the songs ever created are about that one person, it’s like the songs are what feelings sound like. You feel like you’re not alone, like someone else has been in your situation before you. You feel like the weight of the world isn’t merely on your shoulders, and that can do as much as save your life. I know it helped me in so many different situations. When I first came to Canada, music was my only escape, and I met most of my Canadian friends through music. My first real friendship memory from Canada is going to a concert with  the girls, and one concert turned into two and then three, and two years later I’m going to Canada to go to a music festival, Osheaga, with all my friends, and I owe all that to the fact that I once mentioned that I like indie rock.

It is said you can tell a lot about a person from what’s on their playlist, and the older I am, the more I believe that. For me allowing someone to browse through my music is like stepping in front of them completely naked, when showing you my music I’m giving you the key to my soul, so don’t mess it up. Another of my favorite movies, High Fidelity, is all about music, and the scene I love the most is when the main character is contemplating whether he is miserable and thus he listens to POP, or he is miserable because he listens to POP. Making us question whether we listen to music that fits our emotions or our feelings are influenced by what we listen to.

I just feel like music has such a great potential to help you out but at the same time it has a great power to destroy you, in the end it’s up to you what power you give her. I myself love me some good old rock, you know like AC/DC, but sometimes I feel too down for them, so I tone it down a bit and listen to some indie rock bands, cause I feel they are less “out there“. My best friends loves EDM, is that even what it’s called, anyway her music scene couldn’t be more different from mine, yet we are best friends. I try to educate her about “my“ music and she teaches me about hers. And it’s working perfectly. In the end we are both using music for the same purpose, to express ourselves, to show the world how we’re feeling, for B beat is enough, for me I need the whole angsty band to get across what I’m feeling. Sometimes we find songs that appeal to both of us, some of them are extremely cheesy, some of T. Swift’s songs made our list, some are less cheesy. My music taste changes month from month, there are some old classics that I will probably love my whole life, yet again I have to mention AC/DC, but then there are some new artist that I’ve been loving lately, hands down my most appreciated musician at the moment is a sixteen-year old Canadian Shawn Mendes. B has never heard of him before, but she’s been loving him lately just as much as I am. His music just hits you to the ovaries, but it’s a good feeling pain. You have to be prepared for it, but for me and for B, his music came at the right time.

In life there is always space for POP, ROCK, EDM and even some old classic COUNTRY, just as there is place for you to wear sneakers, and high heels and boots. You wouldn’t wear boots to the beach, just like you probably wouldn’t listen to EDM when trying to slow dance, but hey if that’s your thing get out there and rock this out. Just don’t be afraid to be you and listen to what you love. In the end music should make you feel whole.





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