The 90’s tag with a modern twist

The 90's Tag With a  Modern Twist

So last week I did the 90’s tag and I quite enjoyed it, (if you haven’t read the original one before just click the link.) So I thought it would be fun to answer simile questions but connected to the present day.

Without any more talking let’s crack on with the show.

First question.

Favorite Disney film.

Well I’m not a big Disney fan, I don’t know the whole Frozen mania just missed me, so I don’t really have an answer for this one. I’m trying to think of actually any new Disney movie that I saw. Well this has been a fail so far. Let’s substitute Disney movie for any cartoon. Now I have an answer. Despicable Me, both movies, oh how much I love those movies. I remember going to see the second one with my dad the day before my eighteenth birthday, what a way to end the whole underage era. Seriously who wouldn’t love Agnes and her unicorn, and all the little cute yellow minions? You know where to find me once the Minion movie airs, of yeah I’ll be at the cinema, pretending that one of the little kids is somehow related to be, to not look so stupid spending my twentieth birthday at a children’s movie. But anyway Despicable Me, one and two, are currently my favorite cartoon movies.

Question #2.

Favorite music artist.

Music wise I’m an extremely unstable person. One week I can like one song and the next week I can’t even hear it. Maybe it’s because once I love a song I listen to it on repeat for like five hundred times, so it gets old quite fast. My all time favorite band is some classical old AC/DC, something I listen to with my dad. One of my favorite AC/DC song is Hells Bells, oh how much I love that intro. Other than AC/DC I enjoy quite a few songs lately. The ones that I listen to on repeat, and most probably won’t be able to listen to for another year or so. First up is Listen to the Man by one and only George Ezra, if you haven’t seen the music video I highly recommend watching it, cause it’s just so cute. I love the part hen George says “debatable“, and guys I’m seeing him live this summer at Osheaga, AHHHHH I CAN’T WAIT! Sorry got a bit carried away here. Another song I have been rocking to lately is Hold Back the River by James Bay, another awesome act that will be at Osheaga. Well this has turned into a commercial for Osheaga, because the last music artist I want to mention is one that will also perform at Osheaga, and that’s the Canadian band Arkells, if you haven’t heard of them before go check them out, my favorite song is Book Club, not only because it talks about books, which is a big love of mine, but just because it has this nice feeling to it. I’d say that’s all I listen to as of right now, but like next week it will be all different. If you want to see my daily picks of songs follow me on my personal twitter @neuzilovasara.

Question #3.

Favorite candy.

This one was extremely difficult when I was doing the 90’s tag, but for now it’s so easy. My favorite candy is those little hard Easter egg from Cadbury. You know which ones I’m talking about? Those little hard eggs that you can usually buy only on Easter cause like Easter eggs and everything. Anyway each year right after Easter I head to the store and literally buy all the packs they have, and then I live off of those till next Easter.

Question #4.

Favorite games – board games/ school games.

OK, so I’m not at school anymore, well I am at school, but we don’t really get to play games there. But how cool would it be to have recess at university so we could play games. So there are no more school games for me, except during summer, when I’m working as a camp counselor at this Jewish camp in Hungary, where I used to go as a kid, and now as I said I’m working there. So as a counselor I get to play games with kids, and my favorite one is the chairs in the circle one. I don’t really know what the game is called, or if it actually has a proper game, but it’s the game where you put all the chairs in a circle and choose a volunteer that stands in the middle. The rest of the group is sitting and one chair is empty. The goal of the game is for the one in the middle to sit down and for the group to move from chair to chair fast enough so the one in the middle can’t sit down. Well I’m crap at explaining this game, but trust me guys it’s a really fun game, and I will definitely be playing a lot o fit this upcoming summer, if you are interested in what the game actually looks like let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to vlog it at some point during the summer.

As for board games, I actually haven’t played a board game in ages. I think the last time I played a board game was really early in the years 2000 or 2001. But I do love me some phone games, I know I’m a terrible tech kid, can’t live without my phone, which isn’t really true, but I do like killing some time with stupid games, but I don’t get to do that very often. At the moment I’m quite hooked on the game where you get to run your own fitness studio, it’s so stupid, but sometimes you need that those of stupidity, just don’t get too hooked to forget to actually go out, or at least shower once in a while.

Question #5.

Favorite Happy Meal toy.

So I can’t really answer this one, because I haven’t been to the McDonald’s in ages, but from what I know the toys there seem to suck lately. But I still love my Snoopy collection from when I was a kid, I still have it on display in my room and I’m not ashamed of it, and I never will. Each person needs a little reminder of their childhood and this is mine.

Question #6.

Favorite book.

As of right now my favorite book is any not sport related book that Mitch Albom has ever written, even the ones I have still to read. I guess not many of you are familiar with Mitch Albom, but trust me guys you’re missing out on so much. If you ever felt kind of lost in life, you will be able to relate to his books so much, whether you read his fiction or his nonfiction books there’s always something very special and very beautiful about them. Sorry guys I completely forgot to tell you what those books are. The ones I did read are Tuesdays with Morrie, which is basically a collection of talks with Mitch’s old college professor, where they discuss topics like love, marriage and eventually even death as Morrie comes closer and closer to his final hours, next up is The First Phone Call from Heaven, and as the title says it is about calls from heaven, then there is The Five People You Meet in Heaven, where we get to see a journey of a recently deceased man who gets the final closure in heaven when he meets the five people that somehow influenced his life, and the last book I actually got to read was Have a Little Faith, a story of two men of religion, one a Jew, one a Christian, and their very different roads to religion and faith. I still have two books to read, one is The Time Keeper, a novel that I have completely no idea of what’s it about, but I trust Mitch it’s going to be epic, and the last book is For One More Day, a story of what might happen if you got the chance to have one last day, with the person you love the most, before they die. All of Mitch’s books are emotional rollercoaster, hey that’s the topic from The Five People You Meet in Heaven, but they are all spectacular. I really do recommend you guys to check him out. MEOW! (I don’t really know what just happened there, but just like go with it, and by that I mean ignore my weird expression of MEOW.)

Question #7.

Favorite clothing store.

When I was a child I guess I wasn’t really a fashion obsessed kid, you know times where different back in the 90’s, kids were actually having fun and playing with toys and not having boyfriends at the age of 10 and wearing makeup since the age of like 8, so yeah I can’t recall my favorite clothing store form when I was a little but I know my favorite store now. I think it’s not really a popular store but I quite enjoy their style. The store is called Promod, it is a French boutique that sells French inspired fashion, that I like to spike up with some old rock and punk pieces. I love their button downs and blazers: It’s chic and affordable, what else could you wish for.

Question #8.

Favorite show.

OMG, there’s quite a few shows that I’ve been loving lately, so please bear with me, cause I think you might want to check some of them out.

First up is the well-known British drama series Skins, 6 series with 3 sets of characters, that all go to college, two year period after secondary school, so they are aged 16-18, and let’s just say there is a lot of alcohol, drugs and ultimately sex. But it’s about more than just that, it’s about relationship between parents and kids, between friends and between boyfriends and girlfriends. What I love about the show is that the characters are relatable, they have mistakes, they are diverse, none of them are this „perfect American saints“ that we are presented in most American TV shows, no these characters sin and they sin a lot, but it’s a good portrayal of the European reality.

Next up is Glue, yet another British show, this time from the English countryside, where farming and horse-racing are the two main things to do, but behind the nearby hill there’s the Romanies, that don’t want to participate in the “legal system“, and once a body of a Romany boy is found nothing will be the same. Honestly I loved this show because I had no idea about the whole Romany/White situation in Britain and it was interesting to watch a story from a world that isn’t that far away from yours and yet it’s so different.

There’s a lot more TV shows I love that this place is hardly enough, but if you guys are interested in more, just let me know down below and I’ll do a whole thing dedicated only to that.

Question #9.

What would you do when you got home from school?

Nothing has changed from my younger days. Literally nothing, I still have extracurricular French classes and I work, so when I finally managed to get home I simply pass out. Sometimes I even make it to my own bed, but sometimes I pass out at the table while I try to finish some of my school work. Guess some things never change.

And last question #10.

What you wanted to do when you grew up?

One might think that I am grown up as of right now, but I just feel like I have quite a long journey ahead of me to being really grown up, is there even such a thing as a grown up, aren’t we just fooling ourselves into believing that we have our lives under control even though we probably aren’t and are just as confused as we were when we were younger, but anyway. I feel like there is still a lot ahead of me before I will have my life figured out. As of right now, well I have used this sentence way too much in this tag, but I just love it and you guys just roll with it, I’m at university and I’m exploring the world, doing some reading, lot of travelling, and beginning now, I’m blogging, which my autocorrect rewrote as jogging, which is something I really don’t do, even though I probably should, and my dream is to get published one day, whether it will be a collection of essays or short stories or it will be a novel, I don’t know, what I know is that I’m doing what I love now and the rest will get sorted as the time goes by.

Well that’s it for this tag, let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed it, and share some of your thoughts on this tag. Do you have any more fun questions for me to answer? If yes, go ahead and let me know, either here or on my twitter @SaraNeuzilova, using the hashtag #ablogbysara. Talk to you another time.



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