5.93 Million 

5.93 Million

5.93 million people died in concentration campsAnd I’m here reading about Plato and Socrates and what they thought about life

But what do I think about life?

About people dying, how do I feel about that?

Who’s gonna ask me what I think?

5.93 million Jews died in Holocaust primarily because they were Jewish

They were killed for what they believed in!

What would I die for?

What seems to matter to my generation is money, technology, success

None of these last

But neither did Plato or Socrates they’re both dead just like we will die, yet for some reason what they thought about the world was and is still important

When are people going to ask what I think?

Every day people are fighting and dying for what they believe in, even today in the year 2015.

Sometimes I envy those people, they have in their life something worth dying for, something worth the fight

And I just sit here read about the Great Philosophers and wishing I could die so I wouldn’t have to live the life of meaninglessness, to put a stop to something that has no meaning whatsoever

5.93 million people died because of Adolf Hitler, but many survived to tell us the horrors of concentration camps

Who will be there to confess the horrors of our time?

Who, when nobody cares about what we think now, why should they care later?!

 The Last Breath



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