When a loved one dies we all dress up and go to a funeral, where we tell each other how much we loved that person. That is what our society does.

Now let me tell you a story about two friends. You have been friends literally since you were born.

When you started going to kindergarten you both wanted to be a princess, then an astronaut.

Once elementary came by, you both dreamt about being a ballerina, but you sucked at dancing, that did not stop you. You still dreamt.

High school came in like a storm. The dreams of princesses and astronauts and ballerinas were long gone, just like your friend. It is not that you fell out of touch. No. Your friend is gone forever.

It would be understandable to put a black dress on, and go to a funeral. That is what our society does.

But for this friend there will be no black dress, no funeral, no talking about your love for them. You know why?

Because this friend is you, all your dreams and hopes of your childhood, you. It is your best friend. It is YOU.

How come we mourn for our friends, our families, we even mourn for people we never met, but we do not mourn for the part of ourselves that drives us when we are kids, but then while growing up somehow dies?

The Reception



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