New Inspiration

New Inspiration

Lately I have been feeling kind of lost, and by lately I mean the past two years, but that is not the important part. Trying to break free from this feeling of numbness I have decided to drop out of university. I am taking a year off. The plan now is to go abroad as an au-pair, Great Britain, France, Belgium, I have not decided yet. But till then I have a plan.

A plan to break out of the numbness I have been feeling and that is PHOTOGRAPHY. At the beginning of this year I started the Project 52, but as everything I started these past two years I got stuck at a dead point. Well I have not been the only one kind of stuck. A good friend of mine has given up on art just like me, and now we are getting back on the road, TOGETHER.

The point of the project we are starting is to get some inspiration to take pictures, to find the beauty in the world again. I have spent the last few weeks reading bunch of different poetry books and I am inspired now. So every two weeks the two of us will decide on a theme or a topic, whichever you want to call it, and we will go out in to the world trying to get inspired, and after two weeks each of us will post the final picture on her Flickr page.

It is just a way for both of us to figure some stuff out and maybe try to see the world in a new light. I hope you guys will stick with us through this journey and maybe even join us somewhere along the ride.

Honestly, I would love to see your pictures as well. Each two weeks I will post the new theme along with a small article about what I am thinking about doing. Hopefully we will create something new and special, and if not special to the world at least something special to us.





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