Symmetry (#01 in New Inspiration)


Symmetry. The definition of symmetry is as follows: similarity or exact correspondence between different things. So my first idea is some kind of reflection maybe. As in one thing being two at the same time, because the reflection is never exactly the same as the actual object. There is always some kind of distortion.

I find the idea of reflection and symmetry somehow beautiful. It shows the imperfections of life. Even though it technically is the same, it is not. There is always apart that does not transmit, little shadow here, little unfocused part over there.

I actually spent some time looking through pics on the internet to get some inspiration and found some good stuff. I use Pinterest quite a lot for finding inspiration for my photos, sometimes it is professional pictures, sometimes it is pictures that are only supposed to make some article more interesting, but I always find inspiration on Pinterest. The two that gave me the idea for my interpretation for symmetry:

Symmetry Symmetry

Pictures were taken from Pinterest

For now the exact plan is to have a person and a mirror, and see how they play together. I want to try to have the person actually stand on the mirror and maybe focus only on the legs, or maybe having the person lying down. I do not feel like having a face on the photo for now, but I will see how things turn out. I will keep you posted.

If you have any suggestions or plans on taking some pics for the topic of SYMMETRY do not hesitate to share them with me. I would love to see what you guys got. I will be posting my photos and my friend R. will be posting them on to her Flickr page, I do not know whether she will create an album or not, but for now keep checking her main page.

Talk to you peeps soon with some more detailed progress on the topic of SYMMETRY.



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