BLINDSPOT on NBC (Spoilers ahead)


Holly crap. That was something. From the first scene to the last it was simply AWESOME. I cannot even contain my thoughts. I LOVED IT!!!! (imagine me screaming, extremely high pitched screaming)

It all starts with a left behind bag in the middle of Times Square. I think that the bag had the best tag ever: CALL THE FBI. Then we get completely empty Times Square a scene I have dreamt about ever since I went to New York the first time, which was like 15 years ago. It looked like some kind of SCI-FI scene from the future. And then finally we got to see Jane Doe all covered up in tattoos.

Personally I like tattoos, even though I do not want to have one myself, I love tattoos on other people and the ones Jane Doe has look pretty awesome. Not long after that we learn that the tattoos are a map, a map to something.

Never have I ever heard the sentence “I don’t know” this often and not get royally pissed. Jane Doe does not remember who she is, where she comes from or who did this to her. She is literally like a blank canvas. Honestly might be a good thing, to get an actual fresh start, without your memories weighing you down. She gets to make completely new choices. But she does want some answers about why all this.

Jane Doe looks quite innocent at first but this illusion gets broken pretty fast when she reads one of her tattoos that is all in Chinese, or is the correct way to name it Mandarin, well in the show they say Chinese. And all of a sudden they are on their way to Chinatown, where they find a small squeaky guy blabbing about his expired student visa, yeah he is not the one they are looking for. We get a video of the actual guy whom they were looking for talking about an attack. All they got is a some kind of a riddle as to what will actually happen.

Then Jane Doe gets to kick some ass, literally, she beats up two Chinese guys who are abusing some woman, one of them claims her to be his property, feminists will go all crazy on him.

All the way at the end of the action Jane gets to shoot the Chinese terrorist to save agent Kurt Weller, who has been the one to help her this whole time. He did not quite volunteer for it, it is more like he was assigned to her; she does have his name tattooed on her back in pretty big letter. It would be kind of hard for him to pretend like it did not happen, but he seems like a good guy. The shooting triggers Jane’s first memory, a memory of her at some kind of outdoor shooting range with some guy who looks kind of like a couch of some kind.

Awesome, right? Honestly, I loved every single second of the pilot episode and I hope that the show keeps this tempo throughout the series.

If you love mystery, action, thriller, and you are up to solving some puzzles I think that Blindspot is the perfect match for you.

See you soon my chums.



Let’s just watch the promo for the next episode. It looks like it will be just as thrilling as the pilot.



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