What I am watching this FALL


Fall is finally here, and that means comfy sweaters, mugs of hot chocolate and a lot of TV shows. Yes finally some of our old favorites are coming back with thrilling new seasons and we also get to watch some brand new action packed series. So without further ado, let’s get to it my chums.

First up is a new comer Blindspot that airs every Monday on NBC. The premise of Blindspot sounds amazing. Basically a naked girl, whose body is all covered up with tattoos, appears in the middle of Times Square. This weird occasion triggers the FBI to look into it. Not only does the girl not know how she ended up naked in the middle of Times Square she seems to have no clue about her own identity, the only information she has is her tattoos that contain clues to various different crimes that the FBI will have to solve. If you are not intrigued I do not even want to know you. No I am kidding. But I am very excited about this show.


Next up is the returning Mindy Project, which was foolishly canceled by Fox, but renewed by Hulu. And we are all very grateful to Hulu for bringing us a 26 episode season 4. The season opens with very pregnant Mindy trying to figure things out with Danny and  their future together with the baby. This show is filled with very sensible humor and amazing casting, honestly who would not love to watch the awesomely stylish Mindy Kaling slaying the misogynists.

The Mindy Project

And another series that airs on Tuesday is Wicked City with Ed Westwick, on ABC. Honestly I am thrilled to watch this series primarily because of the casting, as mentioned before Ed Westwick is in it along side with Taissa Farmiga, with whom I fell in love in American Horror Story. The 10 episode first season follows two LAPD detectives on the hunt for a serial killer terrorizing the Sunset Strip. I am looking for the Twin Peaks vibe mixed with the atmosphere of True Detective, hopefully the series will provide with some serious excitement.

Wicked City

Wednesdays are dedicated to all the “American” shows. The first one up is America’s Next Top Model returning with its 22nd cycle, again guys and girls. The cycle premiered on August 5th on the CW, with its creator Tyra Banks as a judge with Kelly Cutrone and Miss J Alexander. Personally I started watching the show to get some inspiration for some of my photoshoots but lately I started to actually enjoy all the drama, and once the guys got in, let me just tell you some of them are hella fine.

ANTM Cycle 22

The other shows airing on Wednesday is the fifth season of American Horror Story, this time taking place at a Hotel. I have been in love with the show ever since watching the first episode of season one. The list of the seasons for me goes as follows: Coven, Murder House, Asylum and then like hundred years and maybe you will find the Freak Show somewhere there. I was honestly very disappointed with the latest season but I have hope that Hotel will pick up where the first three series left off. I do not know much about the series but I do not really want to, I am excited for the surprise.

AHS Hotel

I will continue on Thursdays with Heroes Reborn, and I cannot really explain how much I am thrilled to watch this one. I loved the original series, all of it. I know some fans were quite let down after the first series but I was not, I loved every single episode. So if you do not know what Heroes are about let me tell you. Basically there is a group of individuals that one day wake up with super powers. Sadly the new series is classified as miniseries with only ten episodes; nevertheless I will enjoy getting back to the world of Heroes.

Heroes Reborn

One of the last shows I want to try watching is Quantico on ABC. The series follows a recruit camp for the FBI, we get to follow a class of recruits going through the training, only to find out that one of them might be a terrorist behind a master plan more severe then 9/11. Sign me up I will be there watching what happens. I am in desperate need for some thrilling action.


And the last show I want to watch is Flesh and Bone a short eight episode series about the though life of professional ballet dancers. I am hoping for a more serious vibe then the ABC’s Bunheads, even though I loved that show, but Flesh and Bone promises more serious and tougher tone, the name itself promises some serious flesh and bone.

Flesh and Bone

Usually I do not have time to watch the shows as they air, which is mostly caused by the time difference between the US and the Czech Republic. What I normally do is that I watch the shows online during the weekend trying to catch up as much as I can. I would love to hear what you are watching this upcoming season.

Schedule of the shows:


  • Blindspot (NBC) – pilot airs – September 21st, 2015


  • Mindy Project (Hulu) – first episode airs – September 15th, 2015
  • Wicked City (ABC) – pilot airs – October 27th, 2015


  • America’s Next Top Model (The CW) – first episode airs – August 5th, 2015
  • American Horror Story: Hotel (FX) – first episode airs – October 7th, 2015


  • Heroes Reborn (NBC) – pilot airs – September 24th, 2015


  • Quantico (ABC) – pilot airs – September 27th, 2015
  • Flesh and Bone (Starz) – pilot airs – November 8th, 2015

That is it my chums, now I have to watch the episodes that have already aired, see you soon.



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