QUANTICO on ABC (Spoilers ahead)


Yet another brilliant opening episode. After watching the pilot for the Blindspot I dived into the new ABC’s show Quantico. It is filled with mystery and action, so if you enjoy those definitely check this out.The show goes hand in hand with the current events and worldwide threats. We are presented we a class of greenies at the FBI Academy in Quantico, a very diverse group, we get the jock, the geek, the pretty one, the Jew, the Muslim, talk about diversity peeps.

Next scene and we are at the place of the latest terrorist attack, with only one survivor a former member of our greenie class and a current FBI Agent Parrish. The action starts from there.

The first task at FBI Academy is to go over a file of another recruit and find what they are hiding. And then they get to interview their subject in front of the whole class. Talk about pressure. So why not go over the recruits together here, right now.

  • Alex Parrish – well we all know she is the good one in the show. Like seriously they would not try to frame her in the pilot episode to actually make her the bad guy, right? Right? Personally I like Alex, she is witty, smart and she kicks ass, but she did kill her dad, so there is something to think about there.
  • Ryan Booth – honestly I am not that impressed by this guy so far. He is kind of mediocre, not bad but not awesome either. All we know about him after the pilot episode is that he is on a secret mission for Special Agent Liam O’Connor, so basically he is a scum.
  • Nimah Amin – since the first scene this little one is suspicious. Switching cars, weird! Due to her religious believes, she is a Muslim, she gets her own room, whereas the rest of the bunch get to share their rooms, more suspicion. And then in the end there are two? Like suddenly we learn that Nimah has a twin that somehow got in the FBI Academy.
  • Shelby Wyatt – she seems like the over-privileged, blond all American girl. She leaves big white mansion to come to Quantico. Only during the interview we learn that both her parents died on board of an airplane that hit the World Trade Center during the 9/11. So maybe her life is not as shiny as it looks.
  • Simon Asher – who gets a fake boyfriend only to take a photo with him? I am sorry but that is some messed up crap. But after the first very confusing scene I did like Simon. His secret story sounds pretty messed up to me. Simon is Jewish, coming from an Zionist family, but then he moved to Gaza for some time, and forgot to mention this shit to anyone, who other could find is out than Nimah, interesting to put a Jew and a Muslim next to each other.

Basically the whole class in suspicious. This promises us a pretty darn good season full of mysteries and thrills. What shocks me a bit is how certain the FBI is about Alex’s role in this whole terrorist attack, makes me question who could really be behind this whole thing. Well it is obvious that this show has me hooked, I will be there next week watching the next episode. I just hope they can keep up the rest of the season.



But before we wrap this baby up today let’s just watch the promo for next week.



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