Seriously another Twilight book? Not sure about this…

Twilight Reimagined

This was a shocker, like a proper shocker. I thought we were all done with the whole Twilight thing, but apparently I was wrong. As we approached the ten year anniversary of the publication of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer we got a whole new story. Well not quite new story as a different approach to the essentially same story.

And that is gender swap in Twilight, so those who were girls are boys, and those who were boys are girls. We get to go through the story of Twilight but with Beau, instead of Bella, as the narrator. Edward becomes Edythe, not Edith which would be a regular spelling; Jacob turns into Julia, even though apparently we do not get to read about the infamous love triangle in this version.

Meyer stated that with this reimagined version of Twilight she is trying to prove that it is not only a story about damsel in distress, and that there is more to the story, than Bella being completely lost in the world and her needing constant help. But honestly is there more to the story than exactly that? Do not get me wrong I did enjoy reading Twilight back in the day, but I think there is a time to let go of certain things, and that time passed a long time ago for Twilight. I do believe that the success Twilight saga had did open a door for more YA books to be published, but I do not think I will be reading Life and death: Twilight Reimagined any time soon, but if you do my lovely chums please let me know in the comments whether you liked it or not.

Life and Death



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