The first look at Shadowhunters TV show

First Look at Shadowhunters

It is finally here, Shadowhunters TV show season 1 was wrapped and we get to see what it will all look like in January once we get to watch the show on ABC Family that is turning into FreeForm. And I am excited, extremely excited. I jumped on the band wagon named Shadowhunters somewhere in the middle, but I am loving the ride.

We all know that the City of Bones movie kind of bombed, it was not bad in particular, but it was not that good either. It is amazing to get to see one of my favorite book series get its second chance on being turned into moving pictures. So no more talking and let’s take a look on the first peek we get from the show.

OMG it was so good. Ok now it is more of a first look kind of introduction to all the characters, but after weeks and weeks of seeing only little snippets on Instagram, we got to see the characters actually in some action. I am still the biggest fan of Simon; I just love this dork so much. And I am surprisingly extremely excited about Malec, the casting for these two was perfect. I cannot wait for January when we get to watch the books actually come to life.

Update: We just got the premiere date – January 12 at 9/8c following the Pretty Little Liars and we got a six minute preview of the pilot episode


See you later my chums.



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