Recently Discovered: TUUSC


Sometimes I just stumble upon things on the internet and I fall in love. It can be a song, a movie, a book, sometimes even clothes and accessories. And I would love to share my discoveries with you guys here. So that is what this new somewhat weekly thing is going to be about, me freely ranting about the newest thing I am obsessed with. So let’s get cracking.

This week’s discovery and instant obsession is an artist called TUUSC.


TUUSC actually contacted me on twitter some time back and I completely forgot that he did, so if you are reading this I am very sorry. And believe me guys I missed out on so much. His music is perfect for fall, it is a nice mixture of dark and slow, but just so soulful. It somehow reminds me of the new Foals’ album What Went Down, so if you are a fan of that definitely go check TUUSC out. I will leave here some of his links, so you can contact him if you want. I hope you guys will love his music just as much as I do.

Twitter: @TUUSC

Youtube: TUUSC

Spotify: TUUSC

Soundcloud: TUUSC



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