An Abundance of Katherines

What’s the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable? How very odd, to believe God gave you life, and yet not to think that life asks more of you than watching TV.

An Abundance of KatherinesPublished: May 10th 2012, Penguin Books Ltd (first published in 2006)

Format: Paperback

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So I gave John Green another chance, and I am not sure whether it was worth it or not. Previously I have read The Fault in Our Stars and Looking for Alaska and I was not impressed with either one. I guess I am the only one who is not in love with TFIOS, I am sorry it just was not for me. I did enjoy Looking for Alaska better but still it is not on top of my most enjoyed books. So going into An Abundance of Katherines I was very skeptical, and even now two weeks after I finished the book I am not hundred percent sure how I feel about the book, but I will try to put my thoughts in order here for you guys.

Every one of us has a type. And Colin’s type is girls named Katherine, not Catherine, or Kat, but Katherine. And he has dated 19 of them, and they all dumped him. So now Colin is done with high school, ready for university and just got dumped by Katherine XIX. To get out of this post breakup misery Colin sets out on a road trip with his best friend Hassan. Miles from home Colin starts putting his dating experience in an equation, The Theorem of Underlying Katherine, and somewhere along the road Colin meets a girl, not a Katherine.

At school I hated math, and honestly I still do. It is simply because I do not get it, I get very lost in all the numbers and letters and I just give up. So the whole mathematical aspect of the book just bored me. I strongly believe that there are things that are supposed to be put down into equations, but love is not one of them. Love is something spontaneous and magical, something that should not be put into numbers and letters. I do understand this vibe that Colin has about trying to do something remarkable with your life, but I do not think that this Theorem is the way to go. I, myself feel like I should do something to make the world a better place so this actually made Colin super relatable for me, even when he loves math, and I just do not.

Honestly my favorite character was Hassan. He was just so feisty. Sometimes I felt like Colin was Romeo, from “Romeo and Juliet”, especially Romeo from the first half of the play, the melancholically lost boy, that needs guidance from his peer. And Hassan was the guide. He did not give a shit about anything. I especially loved the scene when he exploded on Colin’s ass in the car, when he had enough of Colin’s moaning.

Hassan and Colin are technically in the same position in life, they are both kind of lost. None of them know where they are heading. Hassan has been slacking off for the past two years, not wanting to enroll to university. Colin is lost because of unfulfilled love for Katherine. Each one of them deals with being lost differently, but in the end they do find their way. Hassan decides to actually go to university, and Colin finds a girl, that is not named Katherine.

I felt like the book dragged for about three quarters of the book, but the last bit was like boom boom boom, and it was over. But I did feel like the fast paste awesome end did make it up for the parts coming before. Honestly I think that this was the best of John Green’s book that I have read so far. Now I have only “Paper Towns” left. I would say that this book is a typical road trip kind of book, and it is pretty well done. If I ever go on a road trip I do hope to end up with such nice people as Colin and Hassan did.

An Abundance of Katherines


Sometimes when I read books I listen to certain songs. While reading An Abundance of Katherines I fell in love with the song Soldier by Gavin DeGraw and I have been listening to it ever since on replay. I seriously suggest you give it a listen. It kind of goes with the whole “mattering in the world” theme. It is about how all of us can fight for something good, whether it is an actual war or stepping up for what we believe in we all have a fighter, a soldier, inside of us.

This is it for this time, talk to you soon!



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