An unexpected unboxing

Canadian Hanukkah Package

I did mention in one of my previous posts that I spend some time in Canada, not as a tourist but as an “exchange” student. Do not worry guys we were not actually exchanged for anything. During my time over the big puddle I did manage to make some very good friends. We send each other letters and postcards from time to time, but once in a while we send each other a package. Very surprisingly the time for a package has come and I send mine last week to make sure it gets there on time for Christmas. My fabulous friends did send me a package as well, in my case it is not a Christmas package but a Hanukkah one. And I got it in the mail today. YAY! So I decided I want to share my amazing gifts from my awesome Canadian friend here with you guys.

You might be saying “But wait, it is not Christmas yet.” And do not worry guys I know that. But Hanukkah starts this Sunday, and because I do not know how much time I will have then to post, I thought I might as well post the unboxing now. Let’s be honest I couldn’t wait another week to open it. I had to have it now.

My friend is awesome at writing me notes about my gifts. Last year she made it into sort of a scavenger hunt. She gave me little clues about what the gifts might be, and then number the little packs. I got to open them one by one, day by day, and read little clues about what the present would be. I loved it. This year she wrote me a little note explaining me why she gave me the gifts she gave me. And yet again I loved it. It is so cute. Sometimes I appreciate the explanation a bit more than the gift itself, or maybe I just love the combination of both. It shows that she really knows me.

So the first thing I got, or more like we got, cause the first present was a family one. We got a very Hanukkah gift, two washcloths that say “HAPPY HANUKKAH” I am going to admit that there is no way in hell I will ever use it as a washcloth; it is just way too pretty for this. But it was an amazing gift, practical, yet pretty and extremely thoughtful. It is quite hard to find anything Hanukkah related here in the Czech Republic, even though there is quite a big number of Jews, Jewish holidays are still in the background to the Christian ones, even though the vast majority of our population is atheist. So getting anything specifically Hanukkah related is just lovely.

The rest of the gifts are specifically for me and as I said I got a beautiful explanation for each and every one of them. First one up is socks, and not just any socks. It is Christmas socks. I know I said I celebrate Hanukkah not Christmas, but that does not change the fact that I love Christmassy stuff, especially socks. Honestly I love any type of socks, but the Christmas ones are the best. They are fluffy and comfy and simply cute. I do not think there is a friend of mine that I did not give socks to. I like to say that you know you are my friend by the fact whether I gave you socks or not. No socks, no friendship. And I love getting socks back. And these ones I got are super cute. They have little fussy balls at the heels. Oh I just love them so much. I know what I will be wearing this wintertime when running around the flat. And they have these super “antislippery” dots at the bottom so I feel like a little kid, who just cannot get hurt.

Moving on to the next gift. This one goes with the theme of being cozy and warm. I got a new hat. I am so excited about that. OK, I think you gathered by now that I get excited very easily. But anyhow, I love my new hat. It is got the sign “Mile End” and let me tell you guys it is super soft. I am randomly wearing a hat right now. I am sitting here, writing this wearing a hat. Just to inform you guys I am in my own flat, sitting here in a winter hat, not weird at all. There is a story to why “Mile End”. It is not the London Mile End, but the one in Montreal. The city I fell in love with couple of years ago. It is a neighborhood known for its culture and art. In modern terms it is the place where the hipsters hang out, and where we hung out when I was over there. And I love Mile End so much; it is just a cool place where I like wasting my time. So now, when I cannot actually be there, I get to remind myself of it every day this upcoming winter season.

The next gift is a cloth one as well. Oh see there is another pattern here, all my gifts so far were soft gifts, made out of cloth. And people keep saying that soft gifts suck, well let me tell you my friends “YOU ARE WRONG!” My last soft gift is four little pouch like things, of various sizes. Each one of the little things has a picture on it, one has earphones, other has glasses, the next one has pictures of chargers, and the last and biggest one has a brush and a comb. Basically those are travelling packs, you have the pictures of what you should put inside and I just find this so handy and cute. MY friend knows how much I love travelling, and how often I actually travel, and I can tell you right now that this latest gift will definitely be in my carry on for my next trip.

And my last gift is a book. Oh how much I love books. But you all know that. My reading taste is quite different from the one of my friend, but it was her who got me into modern poetry. So in the light of this, she gave me another poetry book. And I cannot wait to read it. It is Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. It is a collection of works about love, survival and femininity. Rupi Kaur is a Canadian born author, she completes her words with drawings and photographs, and I cannot wait to get to this book. The way I read poetry collections is very random. Sometimes I read like fifty different poems in an hour sometimes I go days without reading any poetry at all. But I can promise you I will finish all my poetry books.

And that is it for this unboxing. I cannot thank my friend enough, and I just hope she loves my gifts just as much as I love hers. Thank you so much, and if any of you guys are interested in more details about the gifts do not hesitate and comment down below. See ya peeps.

Canadian Hanukkag Package

Canadian Hanukkag Package

Canadian Hanukkag Package

Canadian Hanukkag Package

Canadian Hanukkag Package

Canadian Hanukkag Package

Canadian Hanukkag Package

Canadian Hanukkag Package


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