The five things that make me, well me

The five things that make me, well me

I thought that I would get personal today and talk about the things that I love, and that are undoubtedly connected to my personality. So here come the five things that I can live without.

First thing I absolutely adore is SOCKS. You might be like “OK, but like everybody kinda wears socks.” But I simply love socks. I never left a clothing store without buying socks. And I love giving socks, all my friends have received socks from me for birthdays or Christmas or Hanukkah. One day I will share my socks collection with you guys. But I do not have a socks fetish, just to be clear.

Christmas Socks

One thing I never leave the house without is LIPSTICK, especially bright red one. I just feel like there is something empowering about wearing red lipstick. It is like a special power. And you can wear it with anything.


I think you might have guessed the next one. It is BOOKS. I cannot leave the house without having a book on me, and if that happens I go nuts that day. Or more likely I have to pay a visit to the nearest bookshop or library to get a book ASAP.


One place I love visiting is THEATRE. There is something magical about just sitting down, relaxing and watching a play. I feel like I get to see people put something to life. Like once there was someone who wrote his ideas down on a paper, and suddenly there are these people who are making those once written words happen. I hope that one day those words put to life will be my words. But for now I will settle for watching others do the job.

And last thing that makes my personality is my necklace with the STAR OF DAVID. It is a constant reminder of who I am and where I come from.


So these are the five things that I feel like they define me. Make my personality whole. Some of them are just silly and quite random, like socks, and some are the actual fundaments of who I really am, like the Star of David. I hope this gives you a bit of an idea about who I am. I would like to get to know you guys so if you would like to comment down below some of the things that define you, you are more than welcome.

That is it from me, see you soon peeps.



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