What I actually watched this past fall

What I actually watched this past fall

At the start of fall I posted a list of all the shows I was planning on watching. Some of them I watched, and some of them I did not. I did bundle up at home on mostly Thursday nights, made myself a cup of hot tea and watched some exciting TV. Here is what I actually watched this past fall.

The first show I watched this fall was Blindspot on NBC. A girl completely covered in new tattoos containing clues to various different FBI cases, an old cold case of a missing girl, one huge FBI/CIA fraud case, and some bit of love. Who would not be intrigued? The FBI agents are growing warmer of the girl, “christened” Jane, as in Jane Doe, and start to become actual friends. We still do not know much about the personal lives of the agents, but when we do learn bits and pieces it always leads to a disaster. I am talking about a death of a certain person, who just did not deserve to die. I guess we will see whether killing him off was worth it.


My very dirty little secret is America’s Next Top Model on CW. I love this show, it is just so “simple” You can just sit back and relax, and watch some fashion drama. But I do think that watching this show had a bit of a value in my life. Some of the shoots they did were quite interesting and I got a lot of inspiration for my own photo shoots. I am actually sad that this past cycle, cycle 22, was the last, but I am extremely happy that it was won by the model I was actually rooting for.

ANTM Cycle 22

Another one of the new comers this season was Quantico on ABC. And OMG I love this show so much. An FBI agent framed for Grand Central Bombing, not only that but she was framed by one of her fellow classmates from her class at FBI Academy. It is true that the show is a bit predictable at some points, and that it is getting a bit too drama heavy, but I still love it. The creators are trying to keep the audience on edge, by not giving very specific clues, yet giving us something to make us feel like we finally know what is happening. We are mostly wrong.


I also started watching the Grey’s Anatomy, from season one and I fell in love. I remember watching the show when I was younger, and watching the old episodes now just brings back so many memories. It all starts with a set of interns and we watch these little bambis grow into capable surgeons. Some from the initial group make it to becoming actual surgeons, some of them change their expertise and some of them just give up. But none of this goes down without fight and determination. The show is full of drama, operations and blood, and I love every single episode.

Grey's Anatomy

And one more show that I started watching recently is a British show called The Royals. Honestly I did not really want to watch it but my best friend B told me about the show on several different occasions and so I just gave in and started watching it. Let me tell you guys it is addictive. The show talks about a fictional British Royal Family. It is like a British more posh version of Gossip Girl. There is glamour, power, drugs and some damn hot people, you could not want more from a TV show.

The Royals

I guess that is all for the shows I have watched this past fall. And I must say it was hell of a ride.

See you soon pals.





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