TOP TEN TUESDAY Resolutions for 2016


New year, new me, yeah, right. I am not one to believe this, I am sorry, but the fact that the old year is gone and a new one is upon us does not seem like a breaking point for changing who I am. But there is always time for certain improvements or adjustments. I am not one to set myself strict resolutions, because I am pretty sure that I am destined to fail, but I think that from time to time it is good to have some sort of a plan, or I would call it a guideline for what is to come. WOW that was quite an introduction. The thing I am trying to do here is the first of 2016’s TOP TEN TUESDAYS (a weekly meme created by the folks over at “The Broke and The Bookish”), and this week the topic is Resolutions We Have for 2016, hence the long introduction, but let me get down to business.

As I said I do not like making any resolutions, but I would to call this a plan for the future. Some of the things I will mention are strictly connected to reading and blogging and some are simply about life itself.

I guess I will start with the reading and blogging part.

  • I would like to get even more to reading, the past year I set my goal for 50 books, and with some help of several graphic novels I managed to complete that goal. I thought it might be interesting to challenge myself this year a bit more. I know that the past year I did not read as much as I could have so I think that 72 books could be a realistic goal for 2016.
  • I tend to start a series and never finish it, it does not mean that I do not enjoy the series it is just that I feel like I am spending too much time in one setting and that makes me nervous, so this upcoming year I would like to try and finish as many series as I can, but I do not want to push myself into reading something I do not feel like reading. If I do not manage to complete all my unfinished series I will not be disappointed at all. It just something I would like to try, you know to tie some knots there.
  • As I am sure you have noticed I do not have a real plan for my blogging. I am kind of just winging it, and I want that to stop. I want to take blogging as something long term, something that will let me grow as a person and for that I need a specific plan. I would like to start blogging regularly and hopefully stick with the regime.


And I am slowly moving to the more general life part

  • This past year I got to read some books that I would never read before, general fiction was just not my thing, but that changed and I would like to continue with the trend of broadening my horizons. I do not mean this only in the reading area, I just feel like it is time to get to know new things and places. Not to get too boxed in.
  • One thing I feel like I have been neglecting recently is being social. And I mean both on social media, but even in real life. I just got so used to spending my time alone at home, reading or studying, that I forgot what it feels like to spend time with other people. As I started working with kids on regular basis this past fall, I realized how “sheltered” away from people I was. So I am trying to just go out and have fun.
  • And that leads me to my next point. To just let things go and roll with it. I have been stuck in the past so hard this past year that it only lead to my mental breakdown, and I mean total collapse of personality, and that just was not fun. So the year 2016 is the year of letting go of the past and looking forward to what this year has in store for me.
  • I felt under so much pressure last year that I forgot what I want to do with my life, and that needs to stop. I am just taking things easy this year.
  • As I mentioned before, I lost myself somewhere under all that pressure, and I think it is about time to find ME again. And that is what this whole blogging and reading thing is about. Just to learn who I am.


And now I have two completely random things to say

  • I need to find a place in Prague that sells POUTINE. It is a Canadian specialty, basically it is fries with cheese and gravy, and ever since coming back from Montreal I have been missing this so much. And I know there is a place in Prague where they sell it, so I just have to get my butt off the couch and get it, and I mean like now.
  • And the last thing I really want to do this year is go feed the swans. It is something I used to do when I was a kid. Like very weekend we would go with my parents down to the river bank and we would feed the swans, or the ducks, and honestly I just miss that so much. Maybe I am getting all too sentimental but hell I do not care. I am going to feed the swans. There is no law against it, and the river is not frozen yet, so the swans are just there, and yeah I am doing that.


So that is it for the first TOP TEN TUESDAYS of 2016, some of these points are all well thought through and have like major importance in my life, and some are just little things that I used to do, and then life got in the way and everything got hectic,. And I think it is time to go back and enjoy the little things I used to love doing.

And over to you my peeps, what are some of you plans, or guidelines, for 2016, share them with me down below, and I would love to chat about them with you, and that is it for now. See you soon.



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