New series “Going Out on a Friday”


Guys, I am starting up a new series “Going Out on a Friday” And all I want to discuss here is all the crazy artistic events that are happening. For now most of them will be things going on in Prague, and I understand that not many of you will actually get the chance to see these events, but sometimes I just need to write about my love for art events. I feel like lately not many people actually go to a theatre, or an art show, and I know sometimes it can cost you a fortune to see a certain show, but there is so many different events happening around the world and just I want to talk about them. Some will be like a one  time thing, some of these events will be a monthly thing, I just want to discuss more art forms than just books.

I love going to theatre, might have something to do with the fact that I actually want to study theatre, but I have loved it since I was a kid. There is the part about dressing up, putting on a nice dress, doing my make up with even better care than usually, and then you set off. Once at the theatre to just sit back and relax, and let the people on stage transport you into different realities. And I think that is just magical, and I want to talk about this with you guys. I did talk about a show or two before, but now I want to make it a regular topic.

Theatre is not the only art topic I want to discuss, sometimes there are amazing art shows going on, and I just want to share my feelings about them with you guys. I honestly hope that this series will inspire you to go out and experience art differently than just from a screen or pages of a book. Hope you will share your adventures with me in the comment section down below.

That is it for now, but look forward to a first entry in this series, hopefully, this upcoming Friday. See you soon peeps.



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