I am back! And ready to stay.


OK, I know it has more than a while since I last posted anything, but I am back now. I had so much to tell you guys, but I never could put my thoughts into words. And I did not want to stress myself over it. I started this blog when I felt like I needed an outlet for my thoughts, and then suddenly I got this outlet somewhere else.

So much has changed since starting this blog. I am ready to come back. The past year I worked, and now I am back to UNI. As of next week I will be attending the University of Bristol, Theater and Film major, I could not be more excited. We will see how long my excitement will last, but hopefully FOREVER.

I want to share this experience with you guys here. Other than that I want to write about books again. I have read some amazing books this past couple of months and I would love to share my love with you guys. Finally I will be living in an English speaking town, after three years in Prague, and so finally the shows I will be going to see will be available to at least some of you. I hope there is a Bristolian reading this. If not, then sorry guys, but you can always come and visit, and see some great shows.

I went to check out Bristol this past summer, and I have seen two shows, and they were both awesome, unique and definitely worth seeing. So be prepared to see a shitload of show reviews. As a Film major, I will need to start thinking about movies in terms of scholar subject, which will be new to me, but also I will have bigger motivation to go and see movies, more than I did till now. I was not a big movie watcher.

It is mostly because I go to theater with my mom, a lovely lady who got used to my theater related rants. But to movies, I have to go alone. And for the longest time I did not want to go to the movies alone, but these times are gone. I am a very confident movie goer now. I learnt to do things alone, and I love it. It is so easy going alone to the movies. You just sit down and enjoy, and you do not have thing about whether your friend likes the movie or now, or be angry that you are watching a movie that you did not really want to see. All those troubles are gone.

So that is about it for this return post. I am back and I am ready to stay, cause I have so much to say.

See you soon peeps.

And if you cannot wait then check out my instagram, and hit me up.




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