Most of love stories start with fate. The girl believes in it, the guy does not, or vice versa, it does not matter, it is still about fate. I, myself, am more of anti-fate type. I do not believe that there is such thing as destiny. There is potential, and then there is your desire to fulfil that potential, there is no destiny or fate.

After my arrival in Bristol this theory started to shiver. Actually this whole thing started about three years ago, when I was in Montreal, another one of my love stories, watching a video on YouTube, and there it was. The commercial for University of Bristol and for an unknown reason I clicked on it. That is how it happened. In this technology filled world, all it took was one click of a button. Since then I wanted to get into University of Bristol.

Three years later I am actually here. And boy, was it worth the wait.

My first visit here was mid-July, (yes, that is about two months ago) and I was terrified. What if it is not what I pictured it to be? What if I hate the city? Those were some of the many doubtful questions that were running through my mind. But I did not hate the city, I loved it. No it was not what I pictured, it is better, not ten times, not hundred times, not even thousand times, it is immeasurably better that what I could have ever imagined.

It is the city of art. Old, new, traditional, extravagant, theatre, paintings, street art and graffiti, it is all here. And the city feels amazing. When I applied here for Uni I did not know anything about the city. You will soon realize that some things in my life I do blind. It was the same thing with Montreal, and it paid off so much, actually Montreal was my first city love ever. So my first love led me to my second love. You know what they say: Do not praise your first love, cause being first is easy, cherish your second love, cause it is the second love that shows you, you can love again after your heart was broken. I love that.

This city is like if someone crawled into my mind, took everything I want from the world, and sketched a city according to those visions, and that is how Bristol came to be.

During my first few days here, I realized it is the home of Banksy, location of Skins, and most importantly that University of Bristol was the first university in Europe to open the program of Theatre studies, all the way back in 1947. Probably the course has changed since then, my program is now called Theatre and Film, and the building we have our lectures in is new and modern, but none of that changes the fact that there is somewhat long tradition of theatre studies here in Bristol. And those things just keep piling one on top of another.

I can feel myself being a better person here than I was for the past couple of years. I am enjoying life, meeting new people, living by myself for myself, I am cooking my own meals, making my bed, I workout, and I even started baking. This is the first step towards my independent life. Do I miss home? Not really, cause with couple of buttons I get to talk to whomever I want to. The only thing I miss is my former job. I guess I never realized how much the kids in my groups meant to me, and every time I see a picture of them on Facebook, I am like “Man, I wish I could be there,” but I am here now, and I want to stay.

So, no I still do not believe in fate or destiny, but I do believe that sometimes things just click and it all works out. I honestly hope that all of you beautiful people will one day find that one place that will make you want to do things, to make the world a teeny bit better. Maybe you found it, if yo congratulations, you are in for one hella ride, if you are still looking it is fine, just do not give up, and do not let people stop you. Sometimes it is hard to say goodbye, or just pack your bags and go, but once in a while you gotta do that thing that feels right. Why not do it now.



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