My venture into Northern literature


We have all heard about Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series, but there is so much more to be read. Honestly I still have not read the Millennium saga because I can simply not get into it. I tried to read it in Czech, English, and then Czech again. It never grabbed me. And let us be honest, the English translation is not the best work of translation out in the world, in my opinion it kind of sucked, but that has nothing to do with the quality of the book itself, I just need to find a good time to read it. Continue reading



Finding Audrey

OMG, Mum’s gone insane. Not normal Mum-insane. Serious insane. Normal Mum-insane: Mum says, ‘Let’s all do this great gluten-free diet I read about in the Daily Mail!’ Mum buys three loaves of gluten-free bread. It’s so disgusting our mouths curl up. The family goes on strike and Mum hides her sandwich in the flowerbed and next week we’re not gluten free any more. That’s normal Mum-insane. But this is serious insane. Continue reading